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I’m just her resident homeboy.


Amanda Plummer

M.A. Psychology, PGDip Counselling, UKCP trained, BACP & APP member

I am a professional counsellor and non-religious celebrant living and working in rural Scotland.

Prior to training as a therapist with the Institute of Psychosynthesis at Middlesex University in London, I lived in Australia and was a Steiner/Waldorf class teacher. Before that, I was a young American travel enthusiast and writer.

I now have children & a dog.

I've established a family home in the wilds and I'm slowly carving an integrative therapy centre out of a former country church in Aberdeenshire. There are bats in the belfry and bodies in the garden: so it's the perfect project for a psychologist (and it brings me a lot of joy).

Practice Practicalities

I specialise in grief, depression & spiritual emergency, but of course my door is open to anyone who needs to talk through psychological distress broad spectrum.

I am a part of the transpersonal psychotherapy tradition. This model of care is secular but spiritually inclusive and works well for those who have some kind of faith--though not necessarily a religious one. My method is trauma informed, attachment aware, and 12 Steps friendly.

In practice, I welcome adults and young people 18+.

I work in individual sessions for 50 minutes once a week on either short or long term basis. Fees are determined by the depth and breadth of the work and start at £50/session.

There is a kettle on site for tea or coffee and the biscuits are free.

I do also hold online sessions.

My Office

In church times this room was used as an extra large storage cupboard.

Since it came to me,it has come out of the closet and into higher (re)purpose.

That’s also the vibe we’re working towards through therapy:

Old Building, Past Shackles + Love & Will to Change = New way of Being.

Life’s not always a cake walk through a rose garden. Sometimes it’s more like biscuits on the other side of a graveyard....

but if you are at the point where that’s what you need, that’s what I can offer.



or Email: Amanda@WestKirkCounselling.co.uk

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